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Making credit honest, simple, and accessible

Making credit honest, simple, and accessible

Petal is a simple, no-fee credit card that doesn't require a credit score.

A credit card without any fees, that you can apply for without a credit history, that never tries to trick you, and gives millions of Americans access to credit who have previously been overlooked.

That's the kind of credit card company we want to be – one that helps you build credit.

Petal uses the latest methods in machine learning to analyze a consumer's full digital financial record, rather than just their credit score, which allows us to provide more credit, lower interest rates, and no fees whatsoever, even to consumers who have never used credit in the past. The Petal digital product incorporates behavioral science and smart, intuitive design to bring transparency and simplicity to the experience of owning and using a credit card.

David Ehrich

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McKinsey, American Express Prepaid, JPMC Head of Credit Card Strategy, Bank On (bank accounts for the unbanked with no overdraft fees)

Jack Arenas

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Co-Founder & CTO @Petal . Former software engineer @TripleLift, @Goldman Sachs, and @Amazon. CS & Econ @University Of California, Berkeley.
Co-founder at Petal. Former M&A banker at Lazard, corporate at Willkie Farr.

Jason Gross

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Co-Founder/CEO @Petal • Former startup attorney @Arbor & @Gunderson Dettmer • JD @Harvard Law School
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