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Software product innovation and development. INNOVATION -We've worked with some of the world's leading companies on their innovation agendas.  -We can provide 'Innovators in Residence' along with a crack team to develop your innovation vision. -Our approach is to build something, validate, fail fast and iterate. PRODUCT DEFINITION -We've found that businesses tend to underestimate the value of good product definition -No product vision can be delivered without a savvy user centered product definition by usability, product and design experts -We provide state of the art product definition services SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT -We've worked with the world's top software development process thought leaders and we have it down pat -We use the latest technologies and best practices and we actively discard the old ways of software development -We thrive in challenging environments

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Founder and Head of Product Development at Perpetual. Building delightful user experiences on robust scalable software platforms.
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