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Simplifying the construction permitting process

Simplifying the construction permitting process

PermitZone is a data platform providing construction permit requirements and municipal insights to improve compliance and reduce risks for companies with exposure to permitting liabilities. Our proprietary technology aggregates disparate data sources to produce highly accurate, industry-specific datasets.

Clients include companies that engage in, and/or outsource construction-related services, asset holders at risk of services being completed on assets by their lessees, investment REIT's, lenders that loan on projects and property casualty insurance providers.

Other offerings include providing municipalities with low-cost online permitting with inspection management and a marketplace that connects people who need permits with local permit expeditors through permits.com.

Rebecca Antonino

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15+ yrs in Property Management and 6+ yrs working w/ C-level executives in Resort Construction.

Ray Antonino

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2x entrepreneur turned technology founder @PERMITS.com .com and proud @Techstars alumnus.

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