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DevOps Engineer

$120k – $160k • 0.0% – 0.1%
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The Role

We’re a small team, where every single member contributes to defining and developing the product. We’re looking for someone who can make their mark and take ownership of our deployment pipeline, as well as work very closely with our back end team. Our platform ingests data from our consumer-facing apps and provides analytics for all our clients. We need to be scalable enough to handle surges gracefully and lean enough to keep costs low. This position will transition into a leadership role in the long-term, requiring the capacity to guide others while continuously self-learning.

You in a Nutshell

You are never satisfied with the status quo and constantly seek ways to innovate. You don’t just have good ideas, you turn them into reality. You’re a born collaborator who understands the value of achieving goals together. You think before you do and when you do, you do it right and can’t stop until the foundations are set.

Getting things done isn’t enough—how thorough and comprehensive the process is what puts you on the never-ending path to perfection.

Your Background

o 4+ years of DevOps experience, 3+ years of AWS experience
Advanced knowledge of:
• VPC / IAM roles / security
Experience with:
• Lambda
• CloudFront or other CDN § Load balancing
• RDS / Aurora
• S3
• Elastic Beanstalk

o Deployment Services
Advanced knowledge of:
• Docker
• Terraform or AWS Cloud Formation
Experience with:
• Git Flows / Hooks / Orchestration
• Circle CI or Other Integrated Testing / Deployment tool
• Serverless Framework or Similar

o Other Technologies
• Elastic Search o Redis

o DBA Tasks
• Postgres Performance Tuning
• SQL Query Analysis / Optimization

o General Knowledge
• Linux OS, Comfortable working in the command line o Comfortable with Scripting Shell Commands
• Big Data Experience
• Microservice Architecture

o Cultural
• Strong curiosity for coding, up-to-date with the latest architectural trends
• Interest in backend API work and support including any JVM languages such as
Scala, Kotlin, or just plain Java


• Unlimited vacation
• Medical, dental, and vision insurance
• Professional career development
• SoulCycle passes!
• Fun additional perks

About Perksy

We are the app that pays you to play. We reward people for their opinions and gives brands the ability to find out what everyone actually thinks about them and their ideas.
Our next-gen market intelligence platform lets anyone, anywhere create fully-immersive research questions, reach exact audiences, and get results back in real-time.
Users answer these questions on the Perksy app, where they get points for every answer that can be cashed in for real-life rewards like gift cards to 100+ top brands and once in a lifetime experiences.
Check us out for yourself in the App Store and earn a perk or two in the process.

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