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The future of marketing platforms for small businesses

The future of marketing platforms for small businesses

Customer Loyalty- Perks is the first local Perks solution that lets small businesses (automatically) tailor offers/discounts to every new and returning customer, driving initial customer interest and long-term customer loyalty. Team Loyalty- Perks offers local businesses a way to affordably offer benefits to their employees in order to engender loyalty and reduce churn. Data- Perks collects transaction-level data on customer engagement with businesses, allowing them to have a priceless birds-eye view of customer behavior that can be leveraged to help grow their business. Co-Marketing- By leveraging the audience data collected by Perks, businesses can engage Perks for Co-Marketing solutions to reach net-new Perks users and customers with offers.

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James Beckman

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Director of Marketing at EVERY, Freelance marketing & ecommerce strategist, Former CEO @Perks Work, former strategist & thinker @Wunderman & @Indigo Slate