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Revolutionary Retail Product Engagement Marketing Platform

Revolutionary Retail Product Engagement Marketing Platform

You can click on a product to get more info online. Why can’t you in-store?

Perch is the retail product engagement marketing platform that uses computer vision to detect which products customers are touching in-store to respond with digital media and marketing applications in embedded touchscreens- for the first time enabling digital marketing (videos, ratings and reviews, etc) at the product level in-store and letting every product tell its story. Our embedded IoT technology unites digital content with physical products, delivering highly personalized product messaging and marketing applications that drive 5-10x customer engagement, 30-130% product sales lift and 300-800% ROIs - while creating a magical experience for customers.

Clients include Johnson & Johnson, Macy's, Nestle, Estee Lauder, Kate Spade New York, AMD, MAC, Beam Suntory and many others.

Jared Schiffman

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Co-Founder of Phenomena • Founder & CEO of Perch Interactive • Co-Founder of Potion & Popplet • MIT EECS and MIT Media Lab • National Design Award Finalist


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