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AI Platform for Data-Driven Sales and Marketing, YC S'16



Oleg Rogynskyy

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CEO of People.ai. ex VP Marketing @H2O.ai • CEO & Founder @Semantria (exit in 2014) • Early at @Lexalytics & @Nstein Technologies@Boston University grad


Tracy Friel

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Celena Nguyen

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Jack-of-some-trades with marketing, project management, and technical support experience.

Zac Whitlow

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Rawan Kobeissi

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Product Designer and Systems Thinker at People.ai

Oleh Lukyrych

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Natalia Sluzky

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Experienced Recruiting Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Open to next level role.

Jose Muniz

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Specialties: Systems, databases

Stephen Liu

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Coffee-drinking, ice-cream-eating UX professional capable of people-watching, pixel-pushing, and putting stuff in web browsers.

Tanya Lutz

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Tim White

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I'm a talented marketer who has experience managing teams, driving leads & growing brands. I thrive in a startup environment & am looking for an new challenge.

Nikolay Pavlov

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I'm a Data Scientist with Software Development Skills. My professional interests are signal and time series analysis, AI, prediction modeling, machine learning

Nicki Lopes

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David Singh

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Brittney Hall

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Operations @ People.ai, Formerly of Box and Google

Lyla Unvala

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Board members and advisors

Inside Sales Swami, Sales Operations Junkie, Escape from Alcatraz open water swimmer, Little League Baseball Coach, Motorcross Dad, proud Swedish background

Ray Carroll

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VP Sales @Skilljar; Was employee #28 @Marketo ($1m-$250m); 0-10M ARR at @Engagio - FOCUS: Sales / Marketing SaaS. I make 2-3 angel investments/yr. 10-25K.
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Former team

Amy Wang

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