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Serverless CDN for video (YC W17)

Serverless CDN for video (YC W17)

Online video is exploding, but technology to deliver it is growing at a much slower pace. This has created suboptimal user engagement levels and an inefficient situation for broadcasters.
As video continues to explode the problem becomes more obvious, but now, using new technologies, including HTML5 and WebRTC, the situation can be addressed like never before. Today, super scalable can exist in real-time and in-browser, without any invasive plugins or software.

The hybrid Peer5 platform, built on top of these technologies, uses both HTTP and P2P mesh networks to optimize content delivery, improving QoE (peak resilience, buffering, loading time) and thus revenues. The mesh network and P2P offloading system also reduces bandwidth usage, saving content providers money.

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Founder Peer5 • Algorithm researcher at @SmallWorld Analytics • M.Sc at @Tel Aviv University
Passionate about making the Internet distributed. Co-Founder and CEO at @Peer5 The serverless CDN. YC W17 ex @Neocleus @IDF BSc CS @Tel Aviv University
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