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Reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces

CTO, Technical Co-Founder

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Please apply here: julia@forthepeeple.com

If you think that your skills as a Chief Technology Officer can help our vision to become the World’s Largest Reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces then this is your chance to make an impact on the world while they watch us. We look forward to our new CTO helping to transition our company and position it for maximum growth here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Now you don't need to live here to apply. We are building a global team with the best and brightest from around the world. Our web platform is launch in Q3 of 2018 and we need a rockstar to help us reach our Reputation goals!

Peeple, Who We Are Today:

We are a reputation management application that is currently web based that allows our users to safely manage their online reputation while making better decisions about the people around them.

Think of us like "Yelp" but to recommend people and not businesses. On our platforms you can recommend and be recommended in the following three ways: Professionally, Personally, Romantically.

Our business angle is a Reputation API which we license to the share economy and marketplaces where trust is paramount to closing the deal. We display our user's reputation to share economy companies and marketplaces to promote trust among their user communities. We are a trust metric.

We protect our user community with two factor authentication as well as use a third party that moderates our user community with checks and balances around our Terms and Conditions.

We are a passionate group of people who see reputation as a new form of social currency where the good that you do in this world will get you more of what you want.

We believe that there is a market for people who have an appetite for personalized data and feedback on themselves that allows for both personal empowerment and improvement.

We are fascinated by the trend of the “measured self”.

People are very hungry for content that helps them improve everything from their sleep to the way they interact with others.

Peeple, Who We Are Looking for:

We want someone who has a depth of experience in life and in tech. Someone who has successfully built a tech company from the beginning and preferrably successfully exited the market. We expect you would be able to code for iOS, Android, and a web based platform. We aren't interested in a high level manager but more someone who wants to be in on the ground floor coding and managing the entire tech side of the business all the way from analytics, architecture, visual design, A/B testing, iterations, feature sets, to growth strategies. We want someone who wants to win with us and sees this as an opportunity for the next 5-7 years.

Peeple, What's in it for You:

We understand that your time and expertise are valuable and we are excited to share in the rewards of this journey with you based on milestones and reaching our goals together.

We are excited to write this next chapter with you on our team.We hope to bring on the successful candidate by November 2018.

Good luck and we wish you all the best in your reputation building career.

The People behind Peeple:

Julia Cordray, Director, CEO, Founder

Murray Simser, Director

Development Team - India

36 Shareholders who wanted a better world

3 Private Advisors

And an army of people who are offering their expertise.

Please apply here: julia@forthepeeple.com

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CEO @Peeple • Built the world's largest reputation platform and API for share economy. Caused global virality. Dual Citizen: USA/CAD. Tech startup adviser.