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Reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces

Reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces

Decentralized Reputation and API for Share Economy and Marketplaces:

Looking at everyone in the three ways you could possibly know someone – personally, professionally and romantically – you can provide a recommendation on everyone you come in contact with, while allowing yourself to be recommended.

Turn your reputation into your new form of social currency to get better job opportunities, better dates, growing relationships, and networking opportunities.

You can start your Peeple profile for free and port it with you everywhere you go via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sharing your Peeple link is useful to gain trust in the share economy and marketplaces, where trust is paramount to closing the deal.

Enterprise Monetization:
Reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces for enterprise clients.
Partnerships with share economy companies and marketplaces that need a reputation system.
Licensing to HR managers, recruiters, business owners for recruitment.
CEO @Peeple • Built the world's largest reputation platform and API for share economy. Caused global virality. Dual Citizen: USA/CAD. Tech startup adviser.


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