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The AI powered consumer to business marketplace

The AI powered consumer to business marketplace

Peddler is the first social marketplace where consumers choose the product, others like it and everyone gets a group discount. In turn merchants bid for an entire community of customers provided to them on a silver platter.

Peddler differentiates itself with a unique AI powered crowd trading system, enabling individual consumers to easily post any product, even through social media and connect with others who want the same thing. We call the resulting product communities “co-ops.”

By making shopping social, Peddler gives individuals the purchasing power of the entire crowd, aggregates consumer demand, and allows merchants to convert a community of customers with a single action, significantly reducing the merchants’ cost of sale. We believe this is a win-win solution for consumers
and merchants alike.

Operations Manager

UX Designer & Researcher (Amsterdam)

Business Analyst

Operations Assistant (Dutch)

Founder Peddler.com (AI powered crowd-buying marketplace), Ex. Tech-director/CTO MSL Publicis Groupe