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We’re at the forefront of the rapidly-growing artificial intelligence (AI) market, with ambitions to become the world’s leading provider of enterprise AI solutions. However, this isn’t our only mission. We’re also building an amazing company – one that our team loves being a part of.
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Richard Potter


Richard Ferrar

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Peak has built the first-of-its-kind enterprise AI System. We’re on a mission to help businesses do great things with data and compete in the AI era. peak.ai
Co-founder and CEO of Peak.


Ritu Karela

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Sophie Chant

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Praneet Chandra

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Michael Harrison

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- Software Engineer @ Peak - Tutor @ Manchester Codes - 2 years professional development experience - Makers Academy graduate - 2 years experience as a tester

Rajat Sharma

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Working at Peak.ai and worked at TCS. Experience with AWS, Python, node, react, java, competitive programming. AWS Developer Certified.

Meeta Patel

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Ronak Goyal

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IIT | Engineering Manager

Brian Squire

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Peter Carway

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Will Dutton

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