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Peter Ringgard

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Experienced sales leader familiar with start-ups and large Fortune 50 environments. Bi-lingual French and English, Tech oriented but very entrepreneurial.

Myles Foster

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Part of an energetic team changing how companies pay people around the world • Passionate about simple, powerful products

Abdul S. Refaat

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Sales @Payment Rails I focus on the creation, and development of relationships with people, to create growth with a focus on value, service and revenue.

David Koblas

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VP Engineering, Tubular Labs. Worked at MyLife, Yahoo, MailFrontier, Excite@Home.

Julien Prugne

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Node JS Initiate

Board members and advisors

Matt McGuire, CPA, CA, CFF, DIFA, CAMS, AMLP is an Anti-Money Laundering Advisor at the AML shop.
Background in Software Engineering, interested in all things fintech, leader in digital transformation. Advisor and angel investor to early stage startups.

Former team

Caio Andrade

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