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Simple Payroll in France

Simple Payroll in France

PayFit simplifies payroll management and HR processes for SMBs. We have built a fast, intuitive and automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money allowing them to refocus and what really matters: their employees. Through PayFit, employees have a dedicated access for their payslips and are able to manage efficiently their leave and expense requests. To build such a solution, we have created our own programming language: JetLang. Thanks to JetLang we were able to code Labour Code and collective agreements, and today we continue to add new features. We have set ourselves a mission to support the digital transformation of HR management through our ever growing range of product features and services. We have a strong presence in France since 2015 and have been quickly growing in Germany, Spain and the UK. More than 3000 companies, Over 300 PayFitershave already joined the adventure and we have raised 95M€ to keep growing.
Co-founder/CPO of @PayFit. Working on Payroll automation.
Co-founder/CTO of @PayFit. Working on Payroll automation in Europe.
Co-founder/CEO of @PayFit. Working to change Payroll in France.
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