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500 Startups

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500 Startups is a global venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco

Franklyn Chien

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Currently Co-Founder of @PrizePool. Previously at @Apple, Co-Founder & CEO of @LearnSprout (Sold to Apple), @Facebook , @Microsoft, and @Deloitte Consulting

John Wang

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Engineer at @Facebook. Formerly at osmeta and @Qualcomm.

Joseph Woo

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Currently at @Apple. Founder @LearnSprout. Previously at @Microsoft, @Nokia and @Expedia

Fangjin Yang

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Founder & CEO @Imply • Studied at @University of Waterloo

Jared Luxenberg

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Early engineer at Nest Labs. I write code, jump out of planes, and do the Lindy Hop.

Joseph Caminiti

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Worked at @State Street • Studied at @Princeton University