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Funding the millennial generation

Funding the millennial generation

Pave is a marketplace lender focused on providing credit to the millennial generation. We allow individuals to borrow money to fund their career and financial development. Our loans are 2 and 3 year installment loans and range from $3,000 to $25,000 with interest rates starting as low as 6%.

Millennial's, those aged 20 - 35 years old account for the largest segment of the US population and number approximately 80mm. Since 2008 and the financial crisis a huge amount of these individuals have been unable to access affordable credit due to the regulatory changes and due to having a "thin credit file". Its therefore not surprising that this generation has a fundamental mistrust of the banking system.

We've developed a unique algorithm that lets us lend to these thin files on an attractive risk adjusted basis. Further, by personalizing the user experience, adding transparency to the process and a heightened sense of customer service we're already seeing a great reaction to our product.

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Sal Lahoud

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Co-founder, Creative Director @Pave. Co-Founder @Fcancer.org. Studied Information Engineering, Visual Design and Theatre. I love tech, arts, theatre and Baabdat