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Jack Conte

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Founder @Patreon

Sam Yam

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Founder @Patreon, @AdWhirl Previous life worked at @Google, @Loopt, @Ning, @Yahoo


Jane Kwett

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Early Yelp employee. I drive communities, tell stories, build momentum, communicate vision and grab attention. Head of Community at Simbi (YC '16).

Bianca Ruiz

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Taryn Arnold

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Former writer and red carpet reporter for 2 leading teen entertainment magazines; Communication and Media Studies grad from Arizona State University.
just filling this out to scope jobs for someone so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jamie Crabb

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CS/Design at Georgia Tech Full Time at Yammer for 2 years Started and led the Research Team at Patreon for (just under) 3 years

David Kettler

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On your side. Director of Engineering @Patreon

Christine Donaldson

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Adam Bossy-Mendoza

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Eli Hamel

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Technical Recruiting Manager with experience taking three companies through hyper-growth.

Eli Hamil

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Katherine Lynn

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People Operations Guru

Lucia Guillory

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Head of People @Patreon Previously: Chief of Staff and Global Employee Engagement Leader @Yahoo Organizational Behavior PhD @Stanford University

Adam Bossy

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Worked at Shopkick as a full-stack generalist with an emphasis on front-end development. Started a company that built recommendation technology. UT Austin CS.

Luke Davis

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Founder of Babylon House. Product-First Software Engineer

George Bonner

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Software engineer at Patreon. Previously: OpenTable, software consultant, full-time touring musician.
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Board members and advisors

Founder & General Manager at @TravelPod ( Acquired by TripAdvisor / Expedia )
Peter is an American pop singer and producer best known for his work on YouTube. With over 2,500,000 subscribers, his videos have reached 1 Billion viewers.
Media entrepreneur. SiriusXM radio host. Author. TV producer & correspondent. Early Facebook employee. Passionate about supporting strong female entrepreneurs.
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Former team

Cheryl Derricotte

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Xenia Tay

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Dot Dotter (they/them)

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Karen Liu

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Jennifer Zhang

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Jeff Montague

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