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At PatientPing, we are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through lightweight, effect



Ryan Slattery

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Worked at PatientPing, Curaspan Health Group and naviHealth. Experience with Consultative Sales, Consulting, Leadership. Went to Quinnipiac University

Kyle LeBlanc

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IT Systems Engineer @PatientPing , Front-End Developer

Christina Raymond

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Worked at PatientPing

Aishwarya Shukla

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Health Informatics Graduate. Passionate about working in the multi-faceted healthcare industry and aspiring to build a successful career in this field.

Joshua Burke

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Margee Leach

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Nicolas Griso

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Julie rice

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Texas Tech CS

Christopher Schuch

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MIT Physics - full stack software engineer with data science / analytics experience

Desma George, MPH

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Vanessa T. Kuhn

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Caitlyn Dow

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Worked at PatientPing. Experience with collection, CSS, Communications

Todd Sather

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Successful client success/account manager, leading healthcare implementations for 6+ years. Proven leader who gets things done. Passionate about technology.

Melissa Kay Palardy

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Marketing @PatientPing, formerly @Bestdoctors. B.A Philosophy and Marketing @SimmonsCollege, M.S. @SimmonsMGMT.
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Former team

Kyle Vernest

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Nicole de Vastey

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Vikram Maran

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