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Intelligent optimization and logistics for the last mile

Intelligent optimization and logistics for the last mile

Pathover is a B2B API-based software that optimizes every step of the last mile, from demand and resource management to delivery logistics. The last mile is the least efficient and most expensive leg of the supply chain, comprising up to 28% of the total cost of delivery. E-commerce giants such as Amazon have built their business models with this problem in mind. However, many industries, specifically the grocery industry, that have been designed over decades with brick-and-mortar stores in mind, are not equipped to transition into e-commerce and manage the complicated logistics process. Physical stores and online marketplaces can now integrate with Pathover to automate their last mile process, saving time and save up to 71% on total last mile cost. Pathover's proprietary AI and machine learning technology provides the tools for merchants to fulfill orders quickly, load-balance demand across all stores, and find the fastest and cheapest delivery options to customers.

Field Sales Representative (Restaurant software sales)

Jonathan Chen

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Founder @Pathover , @FiscalNote • Worked at @Bloomberg, • Valedictorian @University of Maryland, College Park

Christiana Chen

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CEO of @Pathover, smart optimization software for the grocery industry. Previously co-founder & CEO of OrangeNow (acquired). Previously @Apptio & @Boeing