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Lars Buch

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Ian Collingwood

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Founder of UXdna. Entrepreneur, product specialist, UX & Lean Practitioner. Mentor, advisor. I help startups succeed by building things people want.

Harish Kumar

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13 year investment banking background focusing on the Asean region. Interest in companies with potential for rollout in Se Asia

Lars Buch

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Ex-head of Nokia Symbian Smartphones Cph turned entrepreneur turned angel investor.

Chang Ng

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Founder / Managing Director Mconomy BV

Falko Ruemmler

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Setup & Admin of airport operational database employing IT-Systems at Barcelona airport BCN. DDBB technology expert.

José Manuel Mas

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20 years experience in company administration, establishes connections to investors in Andorra, helps finding & building our team, experienced in headhunting.


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Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry focused startup accelerators
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