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Tech Lead / Software Architect

$120k – $200k • 0.0% – 0.75%
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The first step in the application process is a 12-hour (all at once - a single period) coding test (backend you pick the language). If you pass the test we do a quick phone interview followed by on-site (SF) or video interviews after which we make a decision quickly within days. Please review the job post and if Passfolio is something you are excited about building please email david at passfolioapp.com with 1) an overview of your most relevant experience, 2) the language you will use, and 3) the date/time PST you would like to take the test.

Passfolio is bringing commission free US stock and crypto investing to the world starting in Brazil. We are recruiting people that want to democratize and expand economic opportunity beyond the 1% to billions of people in emerging markets.

We are looking for an amazing software engineer to join our team as a Tech Lead / Software Architect.

You will likely spend ~70% of your time coding and the other 30% will be designing software systems/architecture and making key decisions.

You should be extremely good at either mobile app or backend development but also have a breadth of experience covering a large subset of eg 1) mobile app development (cross-platform React Native/Ionic/etc and/or native iOS or Android); 2) concurrency/threading; 3) databases including eg transactions, constraints, query optimization, and stored procedures; 4) device display rendering and layout (eg DPI, layout patterns such as fixed and flex, and pixels vs. points); 5) callback hell; 6) dependency injection; 7) MVC vs. MVVM; 8) OOP vs. functional; 9) CI + CD; 10) deployment/release version and code management; 11) defensive robust error handling code practices; 12) practical test code; 13) key management systems; 14) floating point math and rounding issues; 15) encryption; and 16) authentication and access controls.

To be clear you don't need to be an expert in everything BUT you SHOULD be familiar with probably most of the above concepts in order to lead architecture discussions and make decisions.

Note - we look for outstanding ability and potential to preform more than "X years of work experience." Do you love to program, have built cool independent projects/hacks, are self-taught, and/or participate a lot in hack-a-thons or open source projects? Apply!

Responsibilities: Lead software architecture/systems design across our tech stack.

About You: Mobile app or backend expert that also has a breadth of experience across the stack. We love creative engineering solutions and clean, well-organized, and tested code.

Plus for engineering team management, SCRUM experience, familiarity with Brazil, Portuguese speaking or reading/writing, and crypto/stock trading experience.

Tech Stack: React Native, Node.js, Firebase, PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud.

Working at Passfolio: We are a ~13 person (6 engineers) team that moves very quickly. There is no bureaucracy - good ideas get vetted and implemented quickly. We are data driven but not dictated - sometimes data is biased or wrong. We iterate fast to find the best solution.

We have fun team events including trips to Brazil!

Salary commensurate with location and experience.

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Yijiang Qian

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General Manager at Passfolio, Credit Karma, Wells Fargo, Stanford, Harvard. Experience with strategy, ops & growth across industries.

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