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We take care of identity, so you can take care of your business.


Personal Ownership
We are all leaders and are empowered to make decisions. When things don’t go the way we planned, we own it, understand it, and keep moving forward, stronger as one team. Each one of us is a leader and we treat our peers accordingly. Every goal has one owner - surrounded by a supportive community. We assign problems to solve, not tasks to complete and report progress with OKRs. We are responsible for helping our peers succeed in meeting their goals. We hold solutions oriented retrospectives when things go wrong.

Persistent Learning
We are more interested in learning than being right and believe no idea is too sacred to be questioned. We deeply value giving and receiving feedback, no matter rank or title. We leave it all on the dance floor. Knowledge is shared openly up and down the organization. Assumptions are questioned with curiosity, not contempt. Communications are succinct, candid, and kind. We build habits around sharing information. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Product Excellence
We craft experiences people remember and love. We aim to create products that integrate into daily life, changing it for the better. We are building something very powerful and with great power, comes great responsibility. The security of our people’s data is sacred. Our customers own the problem, we own the solution. The fewer steps, clicks, and words the better. We partner with the best security minds in the world to ensure we are responsible guardians of our people’s data.

Power of Community
We make it a point to build an organization that is a reflection of the world, and not ourselves. We celebrate our differences and promise to always invest in each other’s long term success and happiness. A diversity of minds are required to build anything truly great. Grit wins over merit or circumstance, every time. We work to recruit people from all walks of life to our company and leadership team.