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Bolkar App is an Audio Based Q&A platform for the Next Billion Users

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Bolkar App (formerly Pascolan) is an Audio-based Q&A platform for Indians who don't understand English but are comfortable in their native language (Market: 526 million users by 2021) Bolkar App allows the user to ask/answer/search queries using voice instead of typing. In short, we are Audio Quora for non-English speaking users. Bolkar App aims to create a fully-fledged audio content platform where the regional language users can use this platform up to its full potential without any barrier of language and typing. We provide a Monetization option for the quality content creator.
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Native Android App Internship

Posted 1 month ago
  • Work on app scalability, architecture, and design cycle
  • Work on adding new features, improving app performance, and optimization

Community Manager Intern

Posted 4 months ago
  • Creating an acquisition channel for the different field of experts (bring those experts on the platform)
  • Analyzing the data of the experts that are not active & then take feedback and make them active on the app