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Mobile game with great entertainment value

Mobile game with great entertainment value

PartyKing is a mobile game in which the player gets to fictitiously transform from a rookie in the party business to the 'PartyKING'.

He starts off in mom's basement and he needs to throw enough profitable parties to be able to buy the next venue, where even bigger, more extravagant parties can be held.

At each party, investments need to be made on 4 parameters: food&drinks, entertainment, marketing and security. The subtle balance between those will determine the outcome: how may people showed up and how much revenue did they generate, what famous guests were present, etc. With each level, buying possibilities on each of these 4 parametres go up. In The first level for example, the player can only purchase Pabst Blue Ribbon, a cheap beer, wheras in the last level he can buy champagne.

These data generate funny yet realistic situations that every party has: hilarity ensured!

Party King is already being endorsed by the Coca Cola Company and AB Inbev.
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