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Plaid for Healthcare

Particle Health has created a patient authorization tool that enables fast aggregation and transmission of traditionally fragmented medical records. We believe patients have the right to access & control their data, but shouldn’t bear the responsibility of gathering and managing it themselves. For stakeholders that need access to an individual’s medical data, Particle Health is an API that manages security, authorization & retrieval via HL7/FHIR feeds of traditionally siloed medical data. This means no patient portals and no faxes - just an API.

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Business Development Associate

Senior Software Engineer

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AJ Audino

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Former strategy consultant, caught the entrepreneurial bug, trying to build the next great healthcare technology company

Daniel Horbatt

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CMU Electrical/Computer Engineering, worked at Microsoft/Palantir/Google, extensive full stack, machine learning, data engineering and leadership experience.

Troy Bannister

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Georgetown M.S. in physiology/biophysics, believer in next generation medicine, data and advanced analytics.