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AI powered digital health platform for mother & child

AI powered digital health platform for mother & child

Parentlane is India's first AI powered crowd-based digital health platform using social intelligence data and machine learning with global ambitions to impact over 350 million children across the world who don't develop to their healthy development potential in the critical early years. (Ref : UNICEF-LANCET)

1000's of indicators impact healthy development of a child and often these indicators go unnoticed during early years and impacts the child's lifestyle when they grow up as teens/adults.

Parentlane patent pending technology uses AI/Machine learning to helps parents to track these indicators primarily growth & development, food & nutrition, health and deliver personalised holistic solutions that are designed by experts to maximise child's healthy development potential

It's also one among the Top 4 startups recognised for it's Innovation and the potential by the Philips Global Healthworks Innovation program

You can download our free app on Google Play here goo.gl/5W6qgn

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