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Parallelization Software, Inc (PSW) – introducing an entirely new creation of Parallel Processing Software Technologies that reimagines the computing process from the bottom up (lowest foundational machine-level all the way up to full stack parallelization). We're bringing Parallel Processing functionality, full utilization of hardwares, and our own set of parallel processing programming languages, architectures, and Operating Systems to major global industries: The Cloud (includes Virtualization), Autonomous Vehicles, FinTech, MedTech, Telco & IoT Devices, and even the blockchain utilizing our Parallelization Software Technologies. Together at PSW, we'll be re-writing a significant part of the computing industry.
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Parallel Processing Software Engineer – Generalist / Proprietary Works

We are looking for experienced, hard working, software engineers ready to program and also learn and utilize all tools and platforms that can provide parallelism to the computing process. We have major business development taking place in multiple industries: Cloud, Automotive, MedTech, Energy, F...


Parallel Processing Software Engineer – Autonomous Vehicle

Low Level Programming Skills a plus


Parallel Processing Software Engineer – Cloud Parallelization

Low Level Programming Skills a plus.


Executive Assistant – to CEO


Program Manager – Cloud, Virtualization


Controller – Finance