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Platform that automates and scales real work experiences between companies, schools, and students



Meghann Wu

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Experienced media executive and management consultant with a Computer Science background.

Bifei Wang

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Marketing Management Professional in Education

Cody Rapp

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8+ years of experience in Higher Ed + Career/Workforce Development. Passionate about DEI and creating opportunity and access for young professionals.

Board members and advisors

Ex-CPO @ Coursera; ex-VP product @ Netflix; current Partner at Venrock
Partner at @500 Startups. Head of Labs, Korea @WeWork Labs. Founder @New Pathway Education & Technology Group. Investor in 20+ startups in US, SEA, Korea.

Matt Wilkerson

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Founder / CEO @Paragon One • Co-founder / CFO @Ahalife (ASX listed) • VC @TCV • Angel Investor • Comp Sci @Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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