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Software Engineer

$90k – $130k • 0.05% – 0.6%
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A great week would be...
- Writing code with React, TypeScript, NodeJS, or Python.
- Releasing a new step in the Parabola ecosystem that immediately enables businesses to unlock new use cases.
- Presenting a lunch & learn on a new way you discovered to use React hooks and why we should use them more in our codebase.
- Attending a product design spec, asking clarifying questions, and giving feedback.
- Collaborating with another engineer on a tech plan for the first iteration of the product design spec.
- Pairing with another engineer on a some improvements they left on one of your PRs.

About you
- Experience: You have experience in a team-based, production engineering environment.
- Builder: You have built new and improved existing functionality on a system, delivering on time, well-tested code.
- Leader: You are interested in growing into a leader within the company in all aspects—from team to code initiatives to architecture.
- Tinkerer: You know when an implementation or solution just isn't quite right. You work hard with the team to make it right over time.
- Can do: Your default is to figure out how to solve a problem, not why it can’t be done.
- Communicator: Your communication skills are top-notch. From high-level customer needs to in-the-weeds technical challenges, you clearly communicate across all disciplines.
- Team Player: You are collaborative and firmly believe that with everyone working towards a common goal, we’ll get there faster and with a better end result.
- You are you: You are unique. You bring something great and uniquely awesome to the team. You are proud of who you are.

Our tech stack
Parabola engineers currently work with the following technologies/languages:
- TypeScript
- React
- NodeJS
- Python
- Docker
- AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, Elasticcache, Lambda, Redshift)

We believe in using the best technology available for the job and we trust our engineers to make those decisions. Having experience in all of the above technologies is not required, but if you do that can certainly be a plus.

- Custom desk setup w/ equipment of your choice
- Fully covered medical, dental, and vision insurance
- Flexible work & generous vacation policy
- Lunch and team meals 5x per week
- Monthly team events
Past events include cooking classes, mini golf, bowling, and more.
- Team led lunch & learns
Past lunch & learn topics include TypeScript, loose leaf tea, and more.
- Dog-friendly office

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