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Front-end/Full Stack Developer

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About Papercup

Backed by leading venture capital funds and two media companies, Papercup is a machine learning startup making the world's video content watchable in any language. Using a cutting-edge approach to speech processing, we're auto-translating the voice track on videos by generating voices that sound like the original speaker - but in different languages.

About the role

As a frontend developer, you will know our product intimately and will be building out key frontend features. You will contribute to the creation and development of new product ideas and work closely with our designer, product team as well as the machine learning team to define and develop functionalities to improve our operations and tooling.

We need your help with

  • Building a web based multi-user audio tool to translate content into multiple languages
  • Building a multiplatform analytics platform (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, RuTube)
  • Building a video management platform that integrates with YouTube and other video platforms
  • Creating a high-grade components library
  • Working with the marketing team on lead generation
  • Optimising application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Improve our codebase and practices

We will be a great match if you have

  • Previously worked on a large-scale React project or similar framework
  • Attention to detail
  • Solid understanding of REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Good understanding of SEO principles including web analytics and ensuring that the application will adhere to them
  • The desire to be continually learning about emerging technologies/industry trends
  • And you like to help others

Engineering at Papercup

  • Don’t stick to specific dogma. We don't believe there is a single solution or methodology that fits all companies. At Papercup we study different solutions, and adapt them to our use case.
  • Everyone is a problem solver. If you have an idea for a better system or process, then you have a voice. We all participate in discussions by proposing and commenting on RFCs. You can, and should help build out our development practices.
  • We are all geeks. We all love learning and trying out new tools, learn new techniques. Some of the events we host to foster a learning culture are:
    • Papercup University - every two weeks a member of the team presents to the whole company a topic they are passionate about.
    • FullStack DevMeeting - every two weeks developers from the product team gather to share their thoughts on the latest technologies in the field.
    • Learning Week - you can take a week a year to spend time learning about topics that are relevant to them.
  • No silos, everybody works with everybody. All teams work together to help to improve each other's processes.

Why you should consider us?

  • We are not a typical web application. The bulk of our time is spent on building internal tooling for the team to produce videos. This means,we have a very tight closed loop of feedback, quick release cycles, and don't have to support all browsers (did you hear that? Never shall you hear again words "This doesn't work on IE11", because it doesn't).
  • As an engineering team, we have a lot of trust and autonomy within the company to invest time into our infrastructure, code and tooling.
  • This was written by Engineers, so you know

Our Stack

Languages: TypeScript and Python

Frameworks and Modules: Prisma, Next.js, Tachyons

Database: Postgres, MySQL

Tools: Notion, Clubhouse, StackOverflow Team

Infrastructure: AWS (ECS Fargate, Lambda, S3), GCP (APIs, and Kubernetes), Azure (Kubernetes), Sentry, Vercel, Auth0, RedisLabs

How do I apply?

Just submit a Google Form HERE

NOTE: Only applications submitted on the Google form above will be considered

What happens after I apply?

Once we receive your application, we will try to review it and respond within 3 working days. We will arrange a 30 minute video call with if our team thinks your skills and experience are a good fit for Papercup.

Before the interview

You’ll receive an email from Papercup containing the details of the interview at each stage: when it’ll happen, who will interview you, and how it’ll be conducted. We will send out a calendar invite with a link to a Zoom room.

Interview Stages

1. Initial Chat

We will arrange a 30 minute video call with a developer at Papercup. We'll chat about you, your experience and motivation as well as the job and our team

You will be asked on how you would prefer to demonstrate your technical skills. The technical task requires you to write code to solve a set of problems. Don’t worry, it’s not a puzzle or anything confusing. You can pick one of the following options:

- Live coding test with a member of the dev team
- We will send out the codebase before the interview to give you some time to familiarize yourself with it
- We will use Visual Studio Code LiveShare with all the necessary packages already installed. You can access the session via your browser or your local instance of VSCode if you have the LiveShare extension
- Take home test
- A small project that should take 1-2 hours of your time depending on your experience with the tools in the project.
- We expect the take home test to be completed within a week, but if you require more time that is can be discussed during the initial chat.
- Once you are done with the test, our team will review the code within 72 hours and provide feedback on the code.

2. Get to know the team

We will schedule an hour meeting with a member of the dev team and two 45 minute meetings with other members of the company.

The interviews have a few different parts:

- a chat about your experience;
- a series of technical questions;
- a technical assessment if you opted in for a live coding test;
- walk us through your solution and thought process if you opted in for the take home test.

We will be curious to know about examples of recent bugs you’ve fixed, problems you’ve solved and tech you’ve contributed towards and projects you have worked on.

3. Get to know the team, even more

Through out our interview process we want to make sure you can meet as many people in the company as possible including our CEO. Our final interview we’ll have a conversation with you to cover any outstanding questions you might have, and make sure we’re both on the same page.


Job type
Visa sponsorship
2+ years
Hiring contact

Everyone gets equity

We want you to be as invested in us as we are in you

Unlimited holidays

We trust you to know when you need downtime

Friday team breakfast

We have salmon and bagels every Friday morning, and every month we go out for a meal together!

Free snacks and drinks

Fruit, cereals, snacks, and beer on tap!

Coffee is life

Our building has a barista that makes awesome coffee

Papercup at a glance

Your voice in any language

Papercup focuses on Digital Media, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://papercup.com

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