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Storytelling + Collective Action = Radical Change

Storytelling + Collective Action = Radical Change

Pantsuit Nation amplifies personal stories that highlight the impacts - both positive and negative - of sociopolitical policies and actions. We connect individual experience to abstract ideas. Using various media (print, blog, video, podcast), the stories collected and shared by Pantsuit Nation reach millions of people and lead to local action, common interest partnerships, and political engagement. Pantsuit Nation will continue to build a sophisticated digital media presence and form partnerships with organizations with established infrastructure to harness the power of newly engaged, progressive people. We act as a megaphone for stories that are connected to specific initiatives, and galvanize action by providing resources for the newly politically engaged to become advocates and activists in response to threats to progressive ideals.

Cat Plein

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Founding Director + COO, Pantsuit Nation. 10 yrs hacking the boys club in aerospace and IT. Community + political organizer. University of South Carolina grad.

Libby Chamberlain

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Founder and Executive Director, Pantsuit Nation
Chief Strategy Officer, Pantsuit Nation

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