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Automated Grocery Replenishment

Automated Grocery Replenishment

Think of us like Amazon Dash Replenishment - for everyone else.

Pantri is a platform that aims to enable consumers to link any smart kitchen appliance that can track inventory usage to any online grocery retailer.

Users configure their device actions in our dashboard. A typical use might be "Each time my dishwasher runs, remove 1 tablet", paired with "When I get down to my last 5 XYZ tablets, re-order another pack from ABC retailer".

Appliance manufacturers liaise with our API endpoint & we build in connectivity to online grocery retailers, either implementing their API or providing our own.

Then the consumer just uses their appliance & receive orders to their door using existing online fulfilment retailers.
I'm building PANTRI, which links smart appliances & online grocery delivery to automate grocery replenishment

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