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Software that Lets Anyone Reach into Augmented Reality

Software that Lets Anyone Reach into Augmented Reality

The Pantomime Platform™ on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and VR headsets lets users reach into virtual worlds using their mobile devices and computers -- making the usual display headsets optional.

Pantomime thus lifts the key barriers to mass adoption of virtual reality by consumers: easy access, reaching in, sharing, and mobility.

Pantomime’s patented software turns every consumer computer into a virtual reality portal, resolving the key obstacles to widespread consumer adoption of shared VR and enabling lucrative telepresence services.

Pantomime™ lets users see and reach into shared virtual worlds:
• users’ devices and even their animated virtual hands are visible, to them and everyone in the virtual world
• their mobile devices become powerful, accurate controllers, tools to reach into VR;
• and if they do have a VR headset, Pantomime lets them reach into the shared scene in gyro-accurate 3D using most any mobile device. 

Don Hopkins

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The Sims core team, Human Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Simulation Games, Network Programming, Full Stack Generalist, MIT-AI Lab ARPANET Tourist

David Levitt

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Dr. David Levitt is co-founder and CEO of Pantomime Corporation, creator of the patented Pantomime™ Platform for mobile and shared augmented reality.
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