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Panther enables teams to detect and respond to security breaches at cloud-scale


At Panther Labs, we believe the future of security is cloud-based and engineering-focused. We focus on cutting edge technology and services to deliver a performant, scalable, and reliable platform.
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Jack Naglieri
Founder, CEO


Jack Naglieri

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Founder, CEO @Panther Labs


I help companies hire amazing talent and implement a variety of programs and tools to help reach a full level of efficiency

Nick Angelou

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Entrepreneur with full-stack developer skills and a cyber security background. Worked at several successful startups and 3 fortune 500 companies.

William Lowe

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Worked at Panther Labs

Sugandha Lahoti

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Technical Writer at Panther Labs. Previously Content Marketing Editor at Packt

Nicholas Hakmiller

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Alex Mylonas

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Chess pre-adolescent nationwide champion; Engineer by School and by mentality; Open Source advocate; AI enthusiast; Self-motivated experienced developer

Russell Leighton

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Kartikey Pandey

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Head of Content @Panther Labs Ex- Portfolio Director - Cloud & Cybersecurity, Packt

Aggelos Arvanitakis

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Senior Front-end Developer. Interested in all things web. Proficient in webperf, React, GraphQL & Docker.

Austin Byers

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Sr. backend engineer @Panther Labs

Kostas Papageorgiou

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Software Engineer with deep technical understanding of backend technologies, proven system architect abilities and strong communication and leadership skills