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Elastic hosting and web development tools for teams.

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- Leading service in a $130B market: Websites are the primary tech for companies marketing themselves on the Internet. Pantheon is bringing website tech to the modern era of cloud services. Our platform makes it easy for professionals build, launch, and run websites

- Product is blazing a path for what's possible with custom software development on cloud services (see getpantheon.com/blog/introducing-multidev-cloud-development-environments-teams)

- Founders have a combined 40 years executive experience as leaders in the market, have built three successful companies prior (missionbicycle.com, chapterthree.com, fourkitchens.com)

- First investors were James, Adam, and Orion the three founders of Heroku. First institutional investor was Baseline (first money in to Heroku and Instagram). Series A led by Foundry Group (Sendgrid, Moz)

- Millions in subscription revenue, growing very quickly

- Big bad ass distributed platform doing billions of requests a month from tens of thousands of custom apps

- Ground floor opportunity, engineering team is 6
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