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Pangaea builds & distributes premium, international-first consumer brands directly to customers around the world. We are a fast growing startup based in Los Angeles with a common goal of building ultra-quality products at a fraction of luxury prices.

We are growing incredibly fast and would like to hire a supply chain lead who is looking for a long term career in brand curation, product development and global-minded supply chain. If you are interested in an exciting career, not just a paycheck, then check this out :


1. Your main objective is to translate brand concepts into an actual physical product. In conjunction with the brand manager, you will iterate on product development in a wide array of verticals. This will require thorough research on ideal sourcing regions, competitive product analysis and a lot of modeling to meet deadlines and COGS constraints.

2. Speed is imperative. To give you an idea, we would need to retrieve information on COGS analysis, product features and lead time information within a week. The following week, we should have a comparable sample ready to be digitized. The week after that, we will drive our our first visit to our online store.

3. Risk analysis is critical. What are the potential pitfalls of the sourced product? If the product is taking off, how fast can we meet the demand by using alternative logistical methods? While optimizing for cost is an important asset, your #1 priority will be sourcing a compelling product for the world to enjoy in the fastest way possible. The whole launch team will be part of this iterative process.

4. Traveling may be (most likely) be necessary. You found a great manufacturer located in Helsinki, but you believe an in-person meeting with their team will expedite the sample creation process and eliminate any potential partnership hesitations. Are you ready to go to Helsinki on a short notice?

5. We love a global perspective in everything we build. This means you will have to work with supply chain analysts who operate all around the world. To bypass cultural and language barriers, you will have to hire new supply chain associates who can open new manufacturing regions as well.


Why are Pangaeans working on Pangaea?

#1. We firmly believe DTC is the better way to conduct online commerce. Imagine working on a product where only price and bullet points were important. It's more rewarding when we are able to present our unique and compelling products to the customers with an ultra-quality, end-to-end experience that we own ourselves.

#2. Everyone in world deserves better products at value prices. Traditionally, first-world, urban consumers were the first ones served with new, innovative products. Now, digital access and mature logistics are changing how people purchase around the world. We find it rewarding to be the equal opportunity artisans of the world.

#3. Personal growth. To broaden our multi-cultural mindset as a team, we offer free foreign language lessons to promote open-mindedness. We encourage everyone to purchase or borrow books from our office mini library. Similar to how startups are evaluated, future personal growth dictates much of the current value.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out with questions or comments and looking forward to building together!

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