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Improving Women's Health:Telemedicine + pharmacy

Improving Women's Health:Telemedicine + pharmacy

Pandia Health's mission is to make women’s lives easier by providing one-stop shopping for recurring medications starting with birth control. From affordable telehealth to prescription fulfillment and medicine delivery, Pandia Health reinvents the way patients get their prescriptions. Pandia Health provides convenient, reliable, and discreet delivery of the contraceptive pill, patch, or ring as well as emergency contraceptives. We provide a convenient 3-month supply, with pro-active refills. No more "pill anxiety" - the fear of running out of your birth control and the stress of having to go to the pharmacy during business hours. We partner with pharmacies and doctors specializing in women’s health, who share our vision for convenient, dignified, and delightful access to telehealth and pharmacy services, delivering telehealth via their mobile device or laptop/desktop and medicines directly to women via their mailbox.

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Perla Ni

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CEO of CommunityConnect Labs. Founder of Stanford Social Innovation Review. Harvard JD.
GM for Pandia Health. Formerly chief of products for MLSListings and global training operations for Portal Software (now part of Oracle)
CEO, Co-Founder, Founder of Pandia Health Adolescent Medicine specialist Reproductive Rights Advocate MD UCSF, MIT BS, UCB MPH