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PandaScore is the e-sports data provider. We collect real-time data about competitive matches on video games such as League of Legends, Overwatch or Dota 2. Then, we deliver it in real-time as odds & statistics through a REST API and Websockets to the e-sports ecosystem. We currently work with worldwide media, professional teams, and score apps among others to enable the growth of their business with our data!

To collect real-time data from e-sports, PandaScore extracts raw data from live video feeds (Twitch, Youtube Live, ...) using a Computer Vision & Deep Learning based software architecture.

PandaScore has been expanding to e-sports betting market for a few months now to become the first data provider in one of the most developed markets in the industry.

Why are we doing all this? 🤷

Sports is huge, no spoiler there. More recently video games have changed the way we experience entertainment (through streaming, easy matchmaking, and so on) and are reaching the same standard as traditional sports. E-sports is experiencing the same evolution as traditional sports have gone through over past decades but in just a few years. The growth is truly incredible.

At PandaScore we want to help the growth of the industry by providing data and odds to businesses. We want to have the most reliable and accurate data so products can be built in e-sport with the same, if not better, experience as sports. Our customers are using our data in an automatic and real-time way. This means that if we fail in any way there will be a big impact in a few milliseconds. As such, building robust products is key.

We also strongly believe that our combination of AI and Computer Vision can one day make a huge impact not just on e-sports, but on traditional sports as well. We are not closing any doors.

Learn more about our business here: medium.com/pandascore-stories/pandascore-where-esports-and-ai-meet-8d9078c021e5

Learn more about what it is like to work at PandaScore here: medium.com/pandascore-stories/what-its-like-to-work-at-pandascore-5622015f827f

What you’ll do 👇

To facilitate PandaScore’s growth, we are looking for the next PandaScore’s data scientist!
You will join a team of 7 data scientist including veterans that built our AI from scratch.

As the next PandaScore’s data scientist, your role will be to:
- train deep learning models for computer vision (classification, detection, tracking)
- train machine learning models to predict various outcomes of Esports matches
- deploy these models into our in-house AI architecture
- help data engineers to improve this architecture

Here is an example of what we are doing in the data science team at PandaScore: medium.com/pandascore-stories/league-of-legends-getting-champion-coordinates-…

What you’ll need 💪

To join our data science team, you will need:
- A master degree or PhD in Data Science or related field
- Multiple machine learning experiences with real data/use cases (professional experiences, kaggle competitions or side projects)
- Strong coding skills in Python
- Strong maths skills

We’re looking for outstanding Engineer/PhD in machine learning who combines great technical and analytical capabilities with a demonstrated ability to get the right things done quickly and effectively.

In short, you are:

- A thinker: you are logical, can evaluate a problem quickly, abstract it and propose solutions
- A pragmatist: your solutions are driven by the context
- A try-hard: you are fully dedicated to your team and not afraid to go the extra mile
- A teacher: you are able to expose your thoughts, explain your technical decision and talk with another non-technical department

Our stack 🛠

- Data science: Python, Keras, Pytorch, Tensorflow
- Database/MQ: PostgreSQL, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Redis, Rethinkdb, Memcached
- Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, GCloud
- Backend: Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS
- Front-end: React, Typescript, RxJs, Styled components, Storybook

Bonus points 👌

- You already tried to predict outcomes of Esports/Sports matches using models or you have an experience in the betting industry
- You are an expert in computer vision
- You have a wide ranged tech culture and already worked with real-time infrastructures
- You are a gamer and watch Esports

What’s in it for you 🎁

- Gaming room (PS4, PCs, Switch)
- Video game credits 🤘
- Central office in Paris (Ⓜ️Bonne Nouvelle)
- Other usual perks (health insurance, transportation participation,...)
- Work in a fast-paced, high-growth industry with innovation as our motto

Join us! 🤝

- 40k - 60k€ depending on profile & experience + shares (BSPCE)
- No remote
- Paris, 40 rue de l’échiquier
- Start ASAP

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