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We are building a platform for analyzing localized climate risk

We are building a platform for analyzing localized climate risk

Palmos is building a wireless network of sensors in conjunction with physical modeling to specifically monitor and predict hydrological disasters in urban environments such as landslides and flooding. The system is built to be network agnostic so that it can use cellular connectivity or a parallel IoT network solution depending on the local context. Each sensor in the network is designed with a low-power wake-up mechanism to reduce battery consumption to extend each unit’s power lifecycle when solar irradiance is unreliable. The data from the sensors is pushed to the cloud, combined with physical models, and analyzed using classification machine learning algorithms. Potential landslide and flood events are flagged and assigned a risk score that is sent to the end user via an interactive and intuitive data dashboard. The dashboard is designed to integrate previously existing data from sensors publishing in the public domain and from the users’ own data streams from proprietary sensors.

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