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Palleter connects spare cargo space in trucks with nearby freight offers

Palleter connects spare cargo space in trucks with nearby freight offers

Palleter is a platform for trucking companies and freight senders. We match cargo with nearby trucks. Truckers can easily find carrying offers on their route, so they can fill up extra capacity in their trucks. Shippers get better prices and faster delivery because they are matched to nearby trucks.

The trucking market in Europe is fragmented, opaque, ineffective and outdated.

Fragmented: EU has 600,000 trucking companies with an average of 3 trucks each. 80% of trucking companies have less than 10 trucks.

Opaque and inefficient: 25% of trucks run empty from one order to the next, and the rest have 35% of free cargo space.

Outdated: Trucking companies, freight forwarders and shippers use phones, fax and email lists to match trucks with freight. These systems have no information about your truck's location nor its route.

Palleter's algorithm matches thousands of trucks to nearby freight offers. Trucking companies will only receive targeted offers that match their routes.

Tõnu Runnel

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Founder and designer at @Sixfold.

Magnus Hiie

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Founder and CTO of sixfold.com, previously Core team lead at Skype. Technology generalist, software architect, engineer
Ruby, JavaScript and Swift developer, iphotographer, co-founder of @Voog , @Fraktal and @Defolio
ex-Skyper, engineer at heart, entrepreneur by head
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