P2P INSURANCE - Community protection by and for you.

P2P INSURANCE - Community protection by and for you.

Create or join communities to protect yourself and your loved ones against risks.

When someone has an accident ; we wire the money to him ;
When no-one has an accident ; we wire money back to every-one.

Plus, you'll get the knowledge of how it work and the power to change it. If you don't like it, vote and get it right.

We will offer later products to disrupt the full insurance industry.

But we start with unique social risks, that insurance do not and can not insure.

- marriage protection;
- child protection;
- career protection.

And remember, if the risk is low in your community, get up to 75% of your money back ! No insurer ever offered that !

Tang Loaec - 汤易龙

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Founder & CEO @P2P PROTECT (@ TONGJUBAO.COM) Prior corporate life: Managing Director Bus. Dev. Dir. Chief Risk Officer Credit, Payment, Insurance

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