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Omnichannel device and app support


Ozmo’s founding purpose is to solve all technology issues. We’re a relentlessly hard-working team with the shared goal of simplifying the complex world of technology for people around the globe. And we like to have fun along the way.

Perks and benefits

We've got you covered

Full-time employees receive excellent health insurance with a choice of plans, plus dental coverage. Ozmo’s short-term and long-term disability insurance mean you’re covered if ever injured or sick, and we offer group-term life insurance.

Saving for retirement

Ozmo offers a 401k plan through Vanguard with employer matching so you can save up for that waterfront retirement home with a little help from Ozmo.

Vacation time

Ozmo offers plenty of paid time off because we know that it’s important to have a life outside of the office. We encourage employees to use their vacation days to travel the world, relax, recharge and come back to work ready to rock.

Gym memberships

Healthy Ozmonauts are happy Ozmonauts. All employees get the opportunity to sign up for discounted gym memberships. If yoga is more your speed, we offer employee discounts for that too. Namaste.

Bring your dog to work

Who doesn’t love having furry friends in the office? "Dogmonauts" are a part of the family here at Ozmo. Whether they want to play on the terrace or nap under your desk, we welcome your doggo in the office.

Career growth

Employees do their best work when they feel challenged and valued. That’s why all full-time Ozmonauts have the opportunity to work alongside their manager to build a career development plan tailored to their goals and interests.

Learning through ozmosis (literally)

Every Friday we hold an Ozmosis where any member of the company can present any topic that they’re passionate about. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about things like making beer, 3D printing, rodeo, tap dancing, travel and much more.

Party time

Ozmonauts party it up big time twice a year: once at our annual summer picnic with an intense Family Feud tournament, grilling out and tubing on the river, and once at our themed holiday party where really anything goes.

Arcade and game room

Being an Ozmonaut means sometimes letting your geek flag fly. We embrace that with a game room with every system imaginable so you can get your game on. We even have a custom arcade machine built from the ground up by Ozmonauts.

True equality

Ozmo believes in equality. We’ve signed the Equality Means Business pledge, which is a promise to our community that Ozmo is a safe and welcoming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.