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Medical Image Processing Engineer - London

£40k – £60k • 0.0% – 0.5%
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Building accurate anatomical models of patient blood vessel trees is at the core of our technology. We are looking for an image processing expert who will drive method development based on the latest scientific advances and get involved in making strategic decisions about product development.

You will be responsible for developing efficient algorithms to extract anatomical structures from medical scans and building 3D models for computer simulations of surgical procedures. We want you to improve accuracy, efficiency, speed and robustness of image processing, segmentation, feature extraction and meshing. We want you to review literature, evaluate the methods, prototype, implement and test code to ensure continued improvement of the technology, all whilst working with the rest of the research and development team to build a smooth processing pipeline as part of software that will be used directly by clinicians.

This product evolves constantly, and each day becomes ever closer to being a game-changer in the field. Your technical expertise will manifest into something truly meaningful and cutting-edge.

• PhD / MSc in image processing (at least 2 years of experience)
• Demonstrable coding ability

• Experience with medical applications
• Familiarity with the DICOM format
• Peer-reviewed publications on image processing
• C# / Python /MATLAB coding skills
• Experience implementing automatic and semi-automatic segmentation
• Experience implementing surface/volume meshing algorithms
• Experience working under a Quality Management System

What can we do for you?
• Flexible work environment
• We'll train you in all we can, take you to conferences, seminars and happily bring you up to speed with anything you deem relevant in the industry
• Let you into our world, what you'll help us build will save lives

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