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OX VERTE is returning seasonally-fresh, locally-sourced food to the table

Operations Manager (delivery team manager)

$35k – $45k
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Job Title: Operations Manager

Are you a natural people manager and trainer looking for experience at a young, ambitious food start-up?
Are you interested in joining a mission-driven brand? OX VERTE is looking for the next pillar of our
founding team.

Ox Verte is a plant-forward food company working to reimaging office lunch + breakfast. At Ox Verte, we
want to make seasonally-fresh, locally-sourced food an everyday occurrence, and offer wholesome meals
that can nourish our bodies and nurture our communities.
The Company was founded in Feb. 2015 and serves groups sizes 10 - 1000 in Manhattan. Ox Verte is
also a Certified Bcorporation, a leader in the global movement to use business as a force for good.

As the manager of our OXen team, you will drive customer success and retention by ensuring our OXen
team gets our food deliveries to offices on-time, accurately, and on-brand.


1) Sourcing and building the OXen team
a) Recruit and hire new OXen on a monthly basis in collaboration with the CEO
b) Complete new hire paperwork and schedule monthly training sessions
c) Ensure OXen are meeting all roles and responsibilities; address issues as appropriate

2) Train and manage OXen team
a) Create monthly OXen schedule and hold team appropriately accountable for tardiness and / or call-outs
b) Motivate team on a daily basis to ensure they are providing exceptional service to every customer
c) Create nightly delivery schedule for lunch and breakfast orders ensuring OXen are allocated
appropriately and efficiently to customer orders
d) Utilizing customer feedback and personal observations, proactively identify strengths and
weaknesses within team members and step in to train as necessary
e) Complete daily EOD report and circulate to management team to include transport and labor

3) Contribute as needed to growing startup
a) Daily administrative tasks needed to support the OXen team to include assembling customer gifts
and / or menu assembly
b) Back-up for OXen when team is short-handed. Always prepared to deliver food.
c) Chip in where and as needed with good humor and the bigger picture in mind

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