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Connecting gamers based on their shared interests

Connecting gamers based on their shared interests

Overdog is a social matchmaking platform connecting like-minded gamers to create better online multiplayer experiences. Currently available exclusively as an app on Xbox One, Overdog’s goal is to revolutionize multiplayer matchmaking for all games. Interested in playing Call of Duty with fellow Game of Thrones fans? How about competing in FIFA against other hardcore players? Want to play Forza with other EDM listeners? Need some LFG help in Destiny? Overdog is built to deliver these and an infinite amount of other unique online experiences.

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Hunter Hillenmeyer

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President @Overdog (Acquired by Odd Networks). Alum @Vanderbilt University, MBA @Sharon Cooper, Frmr Chicago Bear & NFLPA Board Member. Investor, connector, non-dumb jock!

Steve Berneman

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Founder/CEO @ Construct Title Co.; Founder/CEO @ Overdog (Acquired); Strong legal, tech, and sports background. Princeton BA, Vanderbilt JD/MBA.
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