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Innovating video sharing mobile platform

Innovating video sharing mobile platform

1. TrndStar is a social platform that was built for creative individuals to share their talents in a fun, unique, and interactive setting. 2. For the first time, ever TrndStar users will be able to compete and collaborate with each other. This will give the artist a chance to go head to head with other users and have their respective followers vote, comment, rate, and share. As well as giving them an opportunity to collaborate with an artist that they wouldn't normally be able to work with. 3. With these unique features, TrndStar will allow users the ability to leverage other users to grow their following and fanbase. This will allow them to gain followers 10 times faster than any other social platform. 4. Trndstar isn't exclusive to just artists and people wanting to share their talents. But anyone will be able to share videos and photos with their family and friends.

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