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Client Success Manager

₹50,000 – ₹2L
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Client Success Manager
Experience: 4 to 10 Years
Location: Anywhere
20/40 hours in a week work

FULLSTACKTECHIES consists the top 10% of IT developers all over the world. Technical talents including Digital IT, Software engineering, Design & Marketing talent – available on demand to serve companies looking for exceptionally qualified technical candidates.

 Technical Screening: In-depth technical skill review, demonstrated end-to-end involvement in delivery, problem solving skills, analytical thinking, creativity, and shortlist exceptionally result oriented talents.
 Language & Personality Traits: Conduct internationally approved English language and analytical tests from Cambridge University and qualify candidates. These tests ensure that candidates are able to read, write, and speak English extremely well. Also, the test includes personality traits, and communication skills -- one-on-one interview.
 Mock test cases or projects: 2 weeks to 4 weeks of 40 hours of live / mock project is mandatory for candidates to qualify before deploying on a Customer live project. At this screening process, candidates need to demonstrate their in-depth technical competence, professionalism, and integrity.

If you’re a Full Stack Developer and no longer wanted to work as a typical employee in the investor vested service industry – with exceptional technical skills – yes, you are in the right place and the right candidate to explore FULLSTACKTECHIES platform.

Key Role Description:
FULLSTACKTECHIES serve growing companies across and world, and this role is crucial to achieve that goal consistently. As an Account Manager, you will be the key Point of Contact (POC) for clients, responsible for delivery, operations, and delivery teams for clients, with a consistent focus on mutually-beneficial, long-term customer achievement and relationships that establish FULLSTACKTECHIES as a trusted partner – for developers and for IT projects.

In the first week you will:
 Onboard and integrate into FULLSTACKTECHIES existing systems and processes.
 Meet cross-functional teams to understand how you can best work together.
 Undergo role specific training including learning about the procedures and tools currently used in FULLSTACKTECHIES
 Interact with Teams that work on the Customer front lines and internal FULLSTACKTECHIES.
 Learn our FULLSTACKTECHIES unique operating model, standard delivery methodology followed, and sales process.

In the first month you will:
 Successfully complete personalized sales training program with mock discussions, calls and role-play scenarios.
 Identify Customer opportunity landscape and delivery expectations
 Ensure acquaintance working with both the FULLSTACKTECHIES internal team and UI design project lifecycle
 Get up to speed on current FULLSTACKTECHIES organizational structure, marketing collaterals and customer delight expectations
 Initiate meeting with clients, articulate FULLSTACKTECHIES value proposition, and identify where we can serve organizations
 Outline and envision about sales and customer experience plan, strategize and test it in real life scenario.

In the first three months you will:
• Attain comprehensive working knowledge of the sales value chain
• Establish a sound working relation with key clients, stakeholders, and delivery team members
• Connect with the growing companies with the top 10% FULLSTACKTECHIES and project managers around the world. You will work collaboratively with clients’ stakeholders to help them engage FULLSTACKTECHIES to drive increased business outcomes for their organization.
• Develop customer heat maps, financial forecast, account plans for your account portfolio.

In the first six months you will:
• Increase client relationships, mine and expand FULLSTACKTECHIES partnership with existing accounts
• Open new accounts wherever customers are in need for increased help and support from FULLSTACKTECHIES
• Increased focus to expand the scope of engagement by presenting new capabilities and offerings to clients
• Develop a scalable and repeatable customer engagement model that delight customer engagement and client success
• Continue to fine-tune and re-define the Customer Experience strategy while consistently delivering results
• Constantly improve your relationship with customer and build process to make repeated customer success engagement model
• Actively engage with multiple FULLSTACKTECHIES stakeholders and work collaboratively to review and improve FULLSTACKTECHIES Customer satisfaction.

In the first year you will:
• Have consistent success in serving customers providing solutions for -- small, medium and enterprise client engagements.
• Have built a portfolio of incredible accounts, with a track record of successful delivery, satisfied successful clients, and well contented FULLSTACKTECHIES.

• Consistent focus to make client successful with the help of FULLSTACKTECHIES value proposition and deliverables.
• Increased focus on the quality of deliverable and take pride in everything you deliver
• A solid grasp of Customer-centered approach and ability to clearly and effectively communicate FULLSTACKTECHIES value proposition and deliver solutions.
• Must be a well-organized, self-motivated world-class individual contributor or thriving to become so.

Visit: outsourcebigdata.com/careers.php
Call: +91-9952422243

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Data Management Outsourcing Service Provider

outsourcebigdata focuses on Outsourcing, Data Mining, and Big Data Analytics. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://outsourcebigdata.com/

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