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Personalized recommendations for outdoor adventures

Personalized recommendations for outdoor adventures

Existing outdoor adventure discovery solutions are search based which means when I want to find a hiking, biking etc activity, I have to go the traditional time-consuming route of doing Google search, visiting destination’s website, reading multiple blogs, asking friends for recommendations. None of the apps use user profile based outdoor discovery approach. This is where we are distinguishing ourselves.

The biggest differentiator between existing solutions and Outdoor Ninja is that instead of a searching, we provide you with personalized recommendations. The difference between the first approach and the latter is that in the latter we have a mechanism of learning from your preferences and past experiences, understanding your adventure personality and sharing your profile with the vendors on our marketplace so that the activity recommendations that you see on the platform are relevant to your unique persona.

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Janisha Anand

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Founder @Outdoor Ninja Inc. • Worked at @Amazon Web Services

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Data Scientist and relentless problem solver with 6 years of scientific research experience, strong coding, and statistical skills, Open to Relocation