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Daniel James

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Co-founder and CEO of @Three Rings 2001-2013, acquired by SEGA 2011. First company Avalon, text MUD, founded 1989.

Geoffrey Hyatt

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Successful entrepreneur. Now keeping busy as an active advisor to a few great companies. Not investing much in seed stage at the current valuations.

Michael Dornbrook

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Active angel investor, board member of Common Angels. Retired fall 2010 after 13 years at @Harmonix Music Systems (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central). COO.

Barney Pell

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Founder @PowerSet (sold to @Microsoft), @Moon Express, @LocoMobi. @Singularity University. AI Pioneer. Ex NASA & MSFT. AI/ML Fellow @&&& Creative Destruction Lab.

Joe Caruso

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Paul Neurath

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Founder of LookingGlass, developer of classic games such as Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Thief. Founder of Floodgate Entertainment, sold to Zynga.