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Transforming wealth management in the digital age

Transforming wealth management in the digital age

Orowealth is a provider of tech-enabled, automated wealth-management tools which enable retail investors and financial intermediaries to easily access high quality, unbiased advice and investment support for themselves and their clients. Orowealth is focussed on the $270bn Indian financial assets industry which is expected to grow at 31% p.a. ORO’s tools also have the potential to go global and target the $294tn global financial assets industry.

Manager, Business Development

UI-UX Designer

Senior Software Engineer

React Native App developer

Marketing Associate (Internship converting to full time based on performance)

Software Engineer, DevOps

ReactJS Web Developer at Orowealth

Junior Javascript Full stack Engineer

Yogesh Powar

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Software Architect and Free Software Enthusiast.
6 years of investment/trading experience in equity and fixed income markets. Graduated from IIT Bombay (2007) and IIM Ahmedabad (2009).

Nitin Agrawal

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Founder @Orowealth Worked for 6 years in Equity Structuring at Deutsche Bank IIM Bangalore; IIT Bombay